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Clothes and Things to Bring for Jungle Trekking

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Trekking for Nature Lovers

If you love nature and were the adventurous type and are not afraid of getting your hands dirty, then there is high chance that you will venture into the jungle or rainforest or at least do some kind of minimal hiking when you are holidaying in Malaysia. Malaysia is famous for its beautiful rainforest and diversities of wildlife. Most of the jungles remain intact and undeveloped. Therefore, don’t miss venturing into the nature when you are having your vacation in Malaysia. Here are some tips on jungle trekking and about the clothes and things that you need to bring.

What to Prepare

Going into the rainforest or jungle requires extra preparations. It is much more humid in the rainforest, so packing light is even more imperative and necessary, as you could find yourself getting wet and tired easily. It rains a lot in the jungle and expects to get wet at least once a day. It usually rains in the evening, therefore bring a light raincoat. A rainpack could be useful, but line your backpack with a plastic bag anyway and check that everything is waterproof as river-crossing are almost inevitable. Long-sleeved cotton shirts and cotton trousers are comfortable and protect you from thorny rattan and insects.

Leave your heavy-duty leather boots behind – after a river-crossing, your feet will feel like lead. Sports sandals or light sneakers with a good grip are a better bet.

Clothes to Wear

In terms of clothes to wear, since the temperature can drop to 0’C on the mountain peaks, such as Mount. Kinabalu and Mount. Mulu, warmer clothing and even gloves are a good idea.

Moreover, don’t forget to pack a water bottle, purifying tablets (or boil all your water), insects repellent, sunscreen, a cap, small towel or sarong and your own energy supplements such as chocolate and sweets. These can double as goodwill gifts to any children you might meet. Leech socks come in handy too.

If you travel with a tour company, everything else will be provided. Otherwise, tents, sleeping bags and cooking utensils can be hired in places such as Taman Negara, but book beforehand.

Note that while bikinis might be fine in the beach resorts, they are considered offensive in the more remote areas, particularly in the presence of the native or aborigine people who consider some of their places sacred. So you can also forget about going starker.

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