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Cameron Highlands Vacation

cameron highlands

About Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is Malaysia largest and well-known hill resort. It’s one of the must-visit hill resorts in Malaysia because of its cool climate. Usually people are retreating to Cameron Highlands to avoid the humidity and heat of the cities. It’s situated at 1524m above sea level with temperature no higher than 20ºC and rarely falling below 10ºC. If you are a foreigner visiting Malaysia, you should not miss Cameron Highlands.

Some History about Cameron Highlands

Here is a little bit of history about Cameron Highlands. It was apparently first discovered by a British surveyor named William Cameron who stumbled across the plateau in 1885 during an outing expedition. He was exploring the area by hacking a path through dense jungle and came across, “A fine plateau shut in by mountains”. Therefore, Cameron Highland was named after him. But he didn’t really develop it into a livable township.

It was only in 1925 when Sir George Maxwell visited the highland and decided to develop it into township. The construction of buildings and a road leading to Cameron Highland was soon started and it was all manual labor who built the township. Soon after the highland was accessible through the winding road, British government officials and wealthy person started building their personal retreats up on the hill.

During that time farming was the main activity and there was also tea plantation being set up by the British. Since then the development of Cameron Highlands has continued and some of the British era buildings which was built during that time have remained till now. Since then, Cameron Highlands has remained one of the famous tourist attractions not only to the locals but also to foreigners.

What to See in Cameron Highlands

Without doubt, the most interesting aspect of Cameron Highland is its tea plantation. Boh Teh is apparently the most famous tea producer here. I believe Boh Teh is the single biggest tea estate owners and inherently, this makes Boh Teh the biggest tea producer here. A visit to one of the tea estates here would be something that you don’t want to miss.

Besides, I bet you sure want to visit the tea factories which are open to visitors at certain times so that you can get a glimpse of how the tea is being processed. Not only that, you are also being introduced to the different type of teas and learn their grades by experience instructors and videos.

The tea estates are also very interesting places to visit since they are manicured in such a way that they form very beautiful patterns if you look at them from a distance. I bet anyone sees this view will not hesitate to take a picture. And finally when you are tired and need a refreshment, you can enjoy a cuppa’ at the tea shop while appreciating the scenery around.

Other than tea plantations, there are also some other interesting places worth visiting. There are numerous vegetable and strawberry farms, flower nurseries, butterfly farms, a challenging 18 holes golf course and some adventurous jungle treks.

Cameron Highlands Travel Map
Cameron Highlands Travel Map. Click to Enlarge.

The main towns in Cameron Highlands are Ringlet, Brinchang and Tanah Rata. Brinchang and Tanah Rata are the two major towns where most visitors stay around.

Accommodations are plenty around these two major towns whereby you can find small inexpensive hotels and guest houses, to self-catering apartments and first class hotels.

You can visit Cameron Highlands during anytime of the year. But try to avoid public and school holidays as the area can become very crowded. Enjoy the view when you are driving up to Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands Travel and Tourist Guide

Cameron Highlands Detail Tourist Guide

You can find lost of maps here for tourist attractions in Cameron Highlands. Also discover the recommended practical tips for first time visitors and those who intend to drive there.

Cameron Highlands Road Trip

PART of the joy of holidaying in Cameron Highlands is the journey itself. There are two ways to get there by road. First is the older winding road from the Tapah toll exit of the North-South Expressway. Then, there’s the newer, easier route from the Simpang Pulai toll exit.

Cameron Highlands Budget Hotel & Accommodations

Villa Dahlia

Villa Dahlia is a holiday resort in the heart of Brinchang. It’s ideal for couple and also large group of people seeking a comfortable and affordable accommodation in Cameron Highlands. Pictures are available.

Cameron Highlands Related Travel Maps

Brinchang Travel Map

KEA Farm Travel Map

Tanah Rata Travel Map

Driving Direction, Map and Location to Cameron Highlands:

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