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How to Explore Malaysia On Bicycle

explore on bike

About exploring Malaysia On Bike

Malaysia is a stunningly beautiful country, offering incredible views and plenty of things to see and do. Malaysia offers a wonderful mix of cultures and that makes it an incredibly diverse melting pot that is just ripe for exploration.

Travelling by bicycle is one of the finest ways to explore the very best that this wonderful country has to offer at a micro level, and by travelling with the locals (cycling is a very popular mode of transport in Malaysia) you will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with the friendly and welcoming Malaysian people.

explore on bike 03

Renting a bicycle is quite cheap in Malaysia.

Thinking of exploring Malaysia by bike or wondering if this is the right option for you? Here are a few hints and tips for cycling in the country:

Great Road Access

Although the idea of cycling in the country’s notoriously tropical climate can be daunting, one of the main benefits of choosing Malaysia for your cycling holiday is that it is a destination with a fantastic road infrastructure.

As a former British colony, Malaysia modelled its roads on those found in the United Kingdom. As a result, you can access the whole of the country by a network of wonderfully cycle-worthy roads with a huge variety of excellent hotels and restaurants along its major highways.

explore on bike 01

Cyling while exploring tourist spots is challenging and yet exciting.

This makes Malaysia one of the very best East Asian countries to choose to explore by bike.

Getting Around

It’s likely that you’ll want to see more of the country than it is possible to explore simply by travelling on your bike. Many potential bike tourists find this aspect of travelling on what is a comparatively slow mode of transport off putting. However don’t be put off! It is possible to travel across the country on a different mode of transport and simply take your bike with you, so you won’t miss out on anything.

Air Asia flies cross country in Malaysia, and will allow you to take your bike in their luggage hold for a small fee. You can also take your bike on one of the many buses that weave regularly across the country, although this process is a little more complicated. You cannot simply take your bike onto the bus as it stands: some bus companies will require that your bike fits into a luggage locker, which means you will have to remove its wheels, saddle and handle bars before you board the bus.

explore on bike 04

Biking is preferably done in a group.

Others will let you place your bike in the under bus hold, but only if they have enough space for you to do so. If you are thinking about travelling with your bike across Malaysia by bus then do ensure that you protect your bike with a good level of bike insurance: this is the aspect of your vacation that may well pose the most risk to your bike. Reports suggest that travelling by plane may well be the easier option.

Choose a Route

Malaysia’s west coast is a popular destination for road cyclists, because of its solid road network and its wonderful mix of fantastic hotels and tranquil camping locations. If you’re really looking for an adventure then why not try a trip to Malaysian Borneo? Here you’ll find the roads give way to lush, untamed wilderness, and this is the perfect place to try your hand at off road cycling too.

explore georgetown on bike

Exploring hidden streets in Georgetown.

If you aren’t an incredible experienced cyclist then it is probably best to avoid cycling in or around Kuala Lumpa, as the traffic can be very congested and the roads aren’t as safe as they could be for cyclists.

Train Before You Travel

If you’ve never taken a cycling holiday before then it’s important to train to build up your stamina and endurance levels before you arrive in Malaysia. Take plenty of practice rides, spend some time training in the gym, and improve your fitness levels as much as possible.

explore on bike 02

Cycling with a couple of friends is highly recommended.

Although they are a lot of fun, cycling vacations are also a lot of hard work. This will help you to set your own pace and understand what ability level you have, so that you don’t push yourself too hard and ruin your vacation with strains, muscle aches or other minor injuries. Start out slow so that you don’t burn out and are in a position to maintain a decent pace for the duration of your trip.

Photo credits: Alqie, Nicholas Chan, Zhu, Rich & Cheryl.

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