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Sarawak Vacation

A Place Where Paddy Cannot Grow

We went to the park with a tour guide. We had an enjoyable trip and the tour would be suitable for anyone young or old. If you are really into hiking and wildlife spotting I would recommend going on one of the longer walks which were not offered on the tour we were on. We [...]

Seeing Wild Man of Borneo

I went there with my sister and my nephew during weekend and we were happy to see the big orang utans there. There were many tourists went to the nature reserve park on that day. I saw a photo of Richie, an orang utan saved by the famous author named James Ritchie and I was [...]

Go Where The Pepper Grows!

In Sarawak, now you can, says HEIDI MUNAN, who finds a tour of the Liew Pepper Farm a fascinating trip. YOU can just go where the pepper grows!” In Queen Victoria’s England, this was a mild imprecation, meaning something like “Get lost!” In Sarawak, it’s a job description. Some 67,000 farmers tend the lush green [...]