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Sabah Vacation

I got to experience the Sabah tea house as part of trekking The Sandakan Death March with 37 soldiers and friends. There are two types of accommodation nice clean cottages with all modern amenities and then there is the long house rooms, they have bamboo floors and walls, shared showers and bathrooms the rooms have [...]

Red Flesh Durians That Make Heads Turn

A durian species is turning heads among visitors to Sabah, thanks to its uniquely reddish flesh. Known among the Kadazandusun community as sukang or tabelak, the fruit is also called “durian hutan”, as it is mainly found growing wild in the jungles of Sabah. It may come as a surprise to learn that there are [...]

Can You Afford to Climb Mountain Kinabalu?

Here's the irony - climbing Sabah's Mt Kinabalu, whose majestic peak tops out at 4,085m, is relatively easy; trying to wrangle a spot to climb, however, requires a fair bit of doggedness, an open schedule and, yes, money. In the past year, regular climbers and tourists, both foreign and local, have been flooding the blogosphere, [...]

An Exotic Escape to The Largest Island of Sabah

I find Banggi Island to be very interesting! Yes, there is not much development there, and there is where you can see how Sabah "Was" before all the developments. A Great Experience i assumed! Some info if you plan to visit Banggi, there is 1 schedule ferry that departs from Kudat - Banggi island, at [...]

The Heart of Borneo

The Heart of Borneo is an ambition project aimed at protecting the forest in Borneo Island undertaken by three nations, namely Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The Heart of Borneo is covering a staggering size of 220 sq km or nearly a third of Borneo Island. The project is actually very impressive based on the large [...]