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Perak Attractions

Splashing Time At Ulu Geruntum Waterfall

We took a walk up to the waterfall which is bit of a hike. It really is worth the extra walk up just be careful on the paths as they can be quite slippery. There is no entrance fee for the falls. The walk up to the falls took us about 20 minutes but there [...]

A Cave That Takes You Back In Time

It reminded me of something out of an Indiana Jones movie. Inside the cave, it opened up to this massive great room that looked like a natural cathedral. very impressive. There are not enough professional pix taken of this cavern .....and that's a shame. They have one tour that takes you to the top of [...]

A must visit. Don't get misled by the first temple at the entry to the road or for that mayer the second one. Lim Seng Tong is resplendent in the brightest color but the natural beauty is completely lost. Good photo opportunity though. Down the road is Nam Ting Tong which is definitely more natural [...]

Keeping The Hills Alive

I visited this place on the way to KL. Really awesome place to get refreshed your mind.Ambient inside the cave temple is a place where you can set aside my ever-tiring soul. This place simply offers a different ambient and calm you down. There seems to be a fascination with building temples inside caves here. [...]

Kicking back in Lumut

Lumut holds promise as a weekend getaway. When people scout for holiday destinations at islands off the west coast, they usually head to Penang, Langkawi or Pangkor. But Lumut town, famed for its port and Royal Malaysian Navy base, is steadily drawing in tourists because it is just a ferry ride away from Pangkor. On [...]