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Malaysia Mosques

One of the reasons for making a trip to Kota Bharu was to visit this mosque which resembled a Chinese temple. It really puzzled me as Kelantan has always been in my superficial understanding, a Muslim conservative state with a small Chinese minority. I was also quite surprised that the mosque was built at the [...]

The Biggest Mosque in Malaysia

I honestly have no words to describe how amazing and jaw dropping-ly stunning this mosque is. Not only is it one of the most gorgeous places i have ever visited, but it made me feel so spiritual and peaceful upon entering the womens quarter. Unfortunately i wasn't as covered as i should have been, but [...]

A 100 Years Old Friday Mosque

This Masjid has good architecture with Arab influence. Its a big place for prayer. We went there at noon. At that time not much people over there, so we had a nice time near the masjid, took some photographs and had a prayer. The place is a good one as lots of things are near [...]

The Historical Indian Muslim Mosque

Masjid India was originally built as a modest wooden structure in 1863. Since then it has been reconstructed and upgraded a number of times over the years and until now the building has finally remained as what it was last constructed in 1966. The attractive part of the building is its southern Indian style with [...]

We came across the mosque whilst attempting to visit the old train station (which wasn't really a site to see). It was the most amazing misadventure! The mosque was just beautiful and so peaceful, it felt amazing to be in there, walking around on the tiled grounds bare-footed. They ask that you take your shoes [...]