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Malaysia Food Trail

Penangites Favorite Nasi Kandar Stall

Another famous nasi kandar restaurant in Penang is called Line Clear located in Penang Street. This stall has been around for over 45 years and serves the best nasi kandar in town. If you are heading there for lunch or dinner, you better reach there earlier or else you will need to line up in [...]

Mamak stalls (hawker stalls operated by Indian Muslim) are cheaper alternatives to pubs and disco for spending nightlife in Malaysia. They are popular gathering places among the KL folks especially during the weekend. These stalls usually start to operate around 7pm onwards and they are cheaper alternative to expensive clubs and discos. Most of them [...]

WARNING: Non Halal Few people know there is a very famous chicken rice stall at Chulia Street. I got to know about it when my colleague recommends it to me. The stall lies along Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia) in Georgetown. The stall is located in a shop lot painted in green whereby its upper floor [...]

The Authentic Fish Head Noodle In Petaling Jaya

Source: The Star It stands out because of its ingredients - salted vegetables, deep fried fish head, tomatoes and condensed milk. The fish head noodle is located in a stall in the Wah Cheong Coffee shop in Taman OUG, Old Klang Road. There, i treated myself a bowl of noodles at a corner coffeeshop and [...]