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Malaysia Aquarium

A Marvelous Visual Treat at The Aqualia KLCC

They sometime offer overnight stay at aquaria. Children will be able to sleep in sleeping bag as the fish swims around them. It is an educational overstay and my children had enjoyed it immensely. The staff were very professional and took care of my children very well. The charge is quite affordable and worthwhile. A [...]

Our family visited UWL during our Malaysia trip last week. I had high expectations out of this place especially after seeing a similar place in Sentosa island in Singapore one and half years ago. I must say that UWL is a very well maintained place but not closer to the one in Singapore. Also, add [...]

The Hidden Jewel of Penang

A lot of people including the Penangites aren't really aware that there is a small aquarium located in Batu Maung, Penang Island. Even though the aquarium is small, if you live in Penang and like aquatic life, you could probably pay a visit to this place and you might like some of the fish there. [...]