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Kuala Lumpur Vacation

My wife and I embarked on a 3-week tour of South East Asia and though we stayed in a couple of lovely hotels, The Majestic was something truly special. This hotel has a lot going for it. It's located a 5-minute ride from KL Sentral, the main train hub. My wife and I actually walked [...]

A Whitewashed Cathedral With Striking Twin Spires

Masses are all in English with many times to choose from. Definitely worth the visit, even if you are not attending mass. Visited April 2014 A very peaceful place to visit from the bustle and heat from the city. A lovely church in a beautiful setting. Walk around and read the plaques that tell a [...]

A Shopping Mall Within the Petronas Twin Towers

The mall is big, high class and awesome. If you want to have some pictures of the Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC is the place for you to go. There is a big park there where children can play and you can do photo shooting of yourself and the twin tower in the background. The fountain [...]

A100 Years Old Roman Catholic Church

I accidentally stumbled upon this church while walking from KL Sentral to the National Museum of Malaysia. The front doors were open, so I stepped in. Instantly the noise and commotion of the city fell away. It was immediately peaceful. A kind woman greeted me and assumed I was there as a tourist, not a [...]

The Last Piece of Greenery in Kuala Lumpur

It's refreshing. After a long tiring week, it's good to come here and having a piece of mind. It's natural environment make you feeling comfortable and satisfied. This is a must when visiting KL. There is something for everyone but make sure you keep your bearings. Very clean and tidy, no rubbish. The Taman Tasik [...]

Hanging Out At Night in Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur, most folks tend to spend their nightlife around pubs, discos and karaoke dens. Aside from clubs, pubs and disco, Mamak stalls (hawker stalls operated by Indian Muslim) are also popular gathering places among the KL folks especially during the weekend among the youths. Apart from that, Karaoke lounges are as popular as [...]

A Temple That Tells Where Great Fortune Lies

It is not the biggest, it is not the oldest, it is not the most sumptuous, but it is the most authentic. Hard to find (it stands in an unattractive part of Chinatown, surrounded by decrepit small buildings) this taoist temple was built in 1864 and remains an oasis of serenity and popular religious fervor.Take [...]

The Most Photographed Landmark In Malaysia

Built before 1900, I admire the kind of bricks used to build the building. It has Indian elements; quite like the old Railway station, but the railway station is fully cemented. This building is part of the Merdeka Square. Look for the super-tall flag pole in the city. This was also one of the important [...]

The Orang Asli Museum or The Museum of the Indigenous People of Malaysia is a unique museum that provides everything you need to know about the Orang Asli including their history, customs, traditions, origins and so much more. For your information, the Orang Asli is the indigenous inhabitants of Peninsular Malaysia. They are the earliest [...]

Kuala Lumpur Most Happening Shopping Mall

The Berjaya Times Square is probably the most happening shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur for a number of reasons. First of all, it's located in the most sophisticated area in terms of entertainment in Kuala Lumpur, the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is a modern and stylish district with 5-star premier hotels, including the Mandarin [...]