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Kuala Lumpur Travel

This is a market place where most of the Indian origins hang around. There are many shops and eateries around which sell Indian goods and food. Lots of options for food, indian grocery shopping and temples. It gives you a mini home away from home feeling. The streets at Little India are always packed with [...]

A100 Years Old Roman Catholic Church

I accidentally stumbled upon this church while walking from KL Sentral to the National Museum of Malaysia. The front doors were open, so I stepped in. Instantly the noise and commotion of the city fell away. It was immediately peaceful. A kind woman greeted me and assumed I was there as a tourist, not a [...]

HIGHLY recommend if you enjoy a good bar/resto. This place was bumpin! We could have stayed all night but sadly were leaving early the next morning. Lined with bars, restos to suit all tastes. The people serving were very friendly. A must in KL! Visited March 2014 The place is full of action that wakes [...]

It is located at Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin. The building was designed by Arthur Benison Hubback (AB Hubback). He designed most of the distinctive buildings of Mughal architecture in Malaysian including Masjid Jamek. It is more than 100 years old. It was the Central Railway Station. Now it is just a stop for commuter train. The [...]

A Heaven of Good Food and Fake Designer Goods

Looking where to buy things from KL? This is the place to be. There's a lot of cheap stuff for souvenir you may also use your power to bargain. I loved the place, mainly because I love China. Lots of dining places where you can eat chinese food sitting in plastic chairs while smoking a [...]

Took my family to the hills during the Christmas break from 26/12/2013 -28/12/2013. Took a 4 bedroom suite and 1 studio suite for wife & me while kids stayed in the suite. Price during this time of year was very affordable. The food was acceptable if you like western. Being in this atmosphere with French [...]

A 100 Years Old Friday Mosque

This Masjid has good architecture with Arab influence. Its a big place for prayer. We went there at noon. At that time not much people over there, so we had a nice time near the masjid, took some photographs and had a prayer. The place is a good one as lots of things are near [...]

A Square Where Great History Events Took Place!

amazing picturesque buildings and streets...the lights are equally stunning......a must see attraction in kl. If you want to know more about the past of Kuala Lumpur and discover how a sleepy little mining town transformed itself into a GLOBAL CITY! I went there early in the morning, when it was not too hot. It's 5 [...]

The Central market is air conditioned. It houses a lot of shops selling local handicrafts and mementos. Nice place to buy your souvenirs to take back home. You can bargain for a better rate. Nearby is China town. So you can kill two birds with one stone. This is a very large covered market (+ [...]

Getting Around Kuala Lumpur

Getting around Kuala Lumpur is difficult when you are not familiar with this place. There are a few options you can choose. You can either drive, get around on foot or take public transports. I will suggest you to drive only if you know the direction and have someone with you who knows how to [...]