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Kuala Lumpur Tourism

The museum has an outstanding art collection of Islamic. A place not to be missed and just a few minutes away from the national mosque. However, it'd be much better if they provide more information, or brief introduction of the paintings or the story related to the painting, for example. The Islamic Art Museum (Muzium [...]

Statue coloured in Golden looks amaing and is quite notable from long distance. Caves are really cool although you have to walk a bit Visited June 2013 This place has all it takes to make it an exciting trip - you need to climb hundreds of stairs to enter an ancient cave while being overtaking [...]

The Intelligent Garden City of Malaysia

This is a fully man-made lake to function as a cooling system for the city. The breeze cools down passing over the lake and creates a pleasant temperature. Another value of the lake is to transform this administrative center to a lovely city that offers water sport, lake cruise and beautiful view to balance the [...]

HIGHLY recommend if you enjoy a good bar/resto. This place was bumpin! We could have stayed all night but sadly were leaving early the next morning. Lined with bars, restos to suit all tastes. The people serving were very friendly. A must in KL! Visited March 2014 The place is full of action that wakes [...]

The Last Piece of Greenery in Kuala Lumpur

It's refreshing. After a long tiring week, it's good to come here and having a piece of mind. It's natural environment make you feeling comfortable and satisfied. This is a must when visiting KL. There is something for everyone but make sure you keep your bearings. Very clean and tidy, no rubbish. The Taman Tasik [...]

Hanging Out At Night in Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur, most folks tend to spend their nightlife around pubs, discos and karaoke dens. Aside from clubs, pubs and disco, Mamak stalls (hawker stalls operated by Indian Muslim) are also popular gathering places among the KL folks especially during the weekend among the youths. Apart from that, Karaoke lounges are as popular as [...]

What an oasis in the midst of K.L! This place exceeded our expectations, which were actually rather high to begin with. Everything tasted great and the service was perfect! We were there on a Monday and it was no problem getting a table. I dined at Carcosa on Saturday 12 January 2014. We enjoyed an [...]

A 100 Years Old Friday Mosque

This Masjid has good architecture with Arab influence. Its a big place for prayer. We went there at noon. At that time not much people over there, so we had a nice time near the masjid, took some photographs and had a prayer. The place is a good one as lots of things are near [...]

The Spotted Dog That Serves Only The Elites

This place is easily reach by the LRT (Masjid Jamek Stn), around 5 minute walks. Some weekends, it will be use for CSR activities, runs, even concerts. Surrounding the Merdeka Square are the St Mary Cathedral, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Masjid Jamek, Royal Selangor Club, Textile Museum, Kuala Lumpur Gallery and Kuala Lumpur National Library. [...]

The Most Photographed Landmark In Malaysia

Built before 1900, I admire the kind of bricks used to build the building. It has Indian elements; quite like the old Railway station, but the railway station is fully cemented. This building is part of the Merdeka Square. Look for the super-tall flag pole in the city. This was also one of the important [...]