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KL Attractions

Sungei Wang is a MUST Visit shopping destination in your holiday in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Where else can you find a locally owned small business offering all kinds of everything included local fashion designers cloths, famous tailoring in town, local tidbits, dried foods and souvenir, grooming and beauty services, endorsed tattoo services, local food restaurants, [...]

Where to Shop in Kuala Lumpur

This mall is in the heart of the city and a must-visit for visitors to Kuala Lumpur. Great food court in the basement offers a range of foods at reasonable prices and you will be spoilt for choice! There is a Tokyo Street on Level 6 for Japanese delights. There are also lots of other [...]

This is a market place where most of the Indian origins hang around. There are many shops and eateries around which sell Indian goods and food. Lots of options for food, indian grocery shopping and temples. It gives you a mini home away from home feeling. The streets at Little India are always packed with [...]

The Largest Market in Kuala Lumpur

Located at Chow Kit Road. It a wet market to night market. Very popular for the tourist and I guess most people heard of Chow Kit. The wet market you can find most of the ingredient for your kitchen which is sold by mostly Indonesian traders. This where you can easily find used clothing, leather [...]

A Shopping Mall Within the Petronas Twin Towers

The mall is big, high class and awesome. If you want to have some pictures of the Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC is the place for you to go. There is a big park there where children can play and you can do photo shooting of yourself and the twin tower in the background. The fountain [...]

A Marvelous Visual Treat at The Aqualia KLCC

They sometime offer overnight stay at aquaria. Children will be able to sleep in sleeping bag as the fish swims around them. It is an educational overstay and my children had enjoyed it immensely. The staff were very professional and took care of my children very well. The charge is quite affordable and worthwhile. A [...]

A Nature’s Paradise Near the City

Great place to be, canopy walk was amazing with a great view. Walking in rainforest was enchanting. We spent 5 hours there, but there was still a lot more to see. FRIM is located in Kepong and is a popular place for locals to commune with nature. One of the activities visitors can do is [...]

The Last Piece of Greenery in Kuala Lumpur

It's refreshing. After a long tiring week, it's good to come here and having a piece of mind. It's natural environment make you feeling comfortable and satisfied. This is a must when visiting KL. There is something for everyone but make sure you keep your bearings. Very clean and tidy, no rubbish. The Taman Tasik [...]

A Temple That Tells Where Great Fortune Lies

It is not the biggest, it is not the oldest, it is not the most sumptuous, but it is the most authentic. Hard to find (it stands in an unattractive part of Chinatown, surrounded by decrepit small buildings) this taoist temple was built in 1864 and remains an oasis of serenity and popular religious fervor.Take [...]

A 100 Years Old Friday Mosque

This Masjid has good architecture with Arab influence. Its a big place for prayer. We went there at noon. At that time not much people over there, so we had a nice time near the masjid, took some photographs and had a prayer. The place is a good one as lots of things are near [...]