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holidays in Malaysia

It is located at Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin. The building was designed by Arthur Benison Hubback (AB Hubback). He designed most of the distinctive buildings of Mughal architecture in Malaysian including Masjid Jamek. It is more than 100 years old. It was the Central Railway Station. Now it is just a stop for commuter train. The [...]

Not only would you need help to locate good fishing spots, a guide would also keep you from getting lost, touching dangerous plants or insects and even save you from offending the “spirits of the forest”. Quoted from The Star That’s a big job description, and nobody fits the bill better than the jungle-dwelling orang [...]

Belief - the word may be simple but its implication is tremendous. Belief has been shaping mankind's existence since the dawn of time, transforming, compelling and sometimes sparking off hysteria even with the advent of rationalism and science. Quoted from The Star The Malaysian enthusiasm for folklore and superstition is well and alive in this [...]

A Temple That Tells Where Great Fortune Lies

It is not the biggest, it is not the oldest, it is not the most sumptuous, but it is the most authentic. Hard to find (it stands in an unattractive part of Chinatown, surrounded by decrepit small buildings) this taoist temple was built in 1864 and remains an oasis of serenity and popular religious fervor.Take [...]

How To Turn Elephant Dung Into Gold

Having to deal with tons of elephant dung can be a bit of a headache, but a touch of innovation has turned it into a profitable business. The first thing that caught my eye as we were waiting at the entrance of Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, Sri Lanka, was a huge orange sign at a small [...]

The World Largest Reclining Buddhas

Often vast, always mysterious, reclining Buddha statues sport enigmatic smiles. Our writer digs around and discovers the secrets of these dazzling figures. Strictly speaking, they should not exist. Reclining Buddha statues could be condemned as idolatry because the Buddha asked that no images be carved in his likeness. So, at first, after he slipped away, [...]

Several dive sites at two of the top diving destinations in the world — the Pulau Tioman marine park in Pahang and Pulau Redang marine park in Terengganu — are temporarily off-limits to divers and snorkelers until end-October. They are among three marine parks — the other being Pulau Payar in Kedah — which are [...]

How To Discover The Whole Malaysia On A Bicycle

How many Malaysians can say that they have explored Malaysia? You’ll be surprised at what you’ll discover. A childhood dream of businessman Mak Shiau Meng’s to cycle around Malaysia came true last April when he and friend Sandra Loh, both in their 30s, pushed off from Langkawi and cycled to the four corners of the [...]

Nasi Tumpang is one of several food items identified by the Malaysian National Heritage Department as being truly Malaysian. Regarded as a traditional Malay delicacy, Nasi Tumpang is highly popular in the east coast especially in Kelantan from where it originated. Nasi Tumpang is delicious hand-made rice wrapped up in the shape of a cone [...]

Regarded as the queen of fruits in Malaysia, the mangosteen is considered as a perfect balance to the rich “heatiness” of the durian due to the mangosteen “cooling” effect. In fact, the mangosteen has its uses in folk medicine. The bark and skin are used to treat diarrhea, and in Indonesia it is used to [...]