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Holidays in Kuala Lumpur

My wife and I embarked on a 3-week tour of South East Asia and though we stayed in a couple of lovely hotels, The Majestic was something truly special. This hotel has a lot going for it. It's located a 5-minute ride from KL Sentral, the main train hub. My wife and I actually walked [...]

How Safe It Is to Hire a Taxi In Malaysia

It is really sad to read news again about a lady who is a tourist from the United State got robbed and raped by two men after being taken on a 80km terror ride in a taxi. You can read more about the news here: Tourist robbed and raped after terror ride This is a [...]

A Heaven of Good Food and Fake Designer Goods

Looking where to buy things from KL? This is the place to be. There's a lot of cheap stuff for souvenir you may also use your power to bargain. I loved the place, mainly because I love China. Lots of dining places where you can eat chinese food sitting in plastic chairs while smoking a [...]

A Square Where Great History Events Took Place!

amazing picturesque buildings and streets...the lights are equally stunning......a must see attraction in kl. If you want to know more about the past of Kuala Lumpur and discover how a sleepy little mining town transformed itself into a GLOBAL CITY! I went there early in the morning, when it was not too hot. It's 5 [...]

The Central market is air conditioned. It houses a lot of shops selling local handicrafts and mementos. Nice place to buy your souvenirs to take back home. You can bargain for a better rate. Nearby is China town. So you can kill two birds with one stone. This is a very large covered market (+ [...]

The Pavilion Experience

With many international brands there. If u are a person whom like brands. This is a place for u. There is a supermarket there which u can get almost anything you need. A big mall with good chinese restaurant too. Try the Chinese restaurant, peking duck was nice. Great shopping mall for all your high [...]

We came across the mosque whilst attempting to visit the old train station (which wasn't really a site to see). It was the most amazing misadventure! The mosque was just beautiful and so peaceful, it felt amazing to be in there, walking around on the tiled grounds bare-footed. They ask that you take your shoes [...]