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A Fishing Haven At The Fringe of A City

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    Barely five minutes from Putrajaya, Astana Dugang Country Resort, where fishing is a favorite activity, offers city dwellers respite from the stress of daily life. SHANTI GUNARATNAM has a relaxing moment.

    A ‘FISHING haven on the fringes of the administrative capital of Putrajaya’ best describes the Astana Dugang Country Resort in Bangi, Selangor.

    Located in a valley of green, the resort shares characteristics of smaller resorts in Pahang’s Janda Baik. Tall trees and fruit orchards dot the landscape that exudes cool tranquility. Two ponds are filled with 30,000 freshwater fish that include patin, carp, tilapia (red and black) and lampan jawa. Here, the best thing to do is switch off your mobile phones, cast your fishing rods and wait to land that big catch.

    If fishing is not your idea of fun, there are other things you can do, including camping or just hanging around with family and friends.

    Driving to the resort either via Bangi or Putrajaya, you would be surprised to see that despite the modern architecture of Putrajaya and newer developments in neighboring areas, Astana Dugang is still very green, with tall trees, shrubs, ferns, plants and orchards.

    At night, there is no need to switch on the air-conditioner as the weather is cool.

    astana dugang country resort putrajaya
    All sorts of activities are available.

    “The weather here is very to similar to Janda Baik because the resort sits in a valley. It can get very cold in the night,” says Mohamed Hassan Haji K.B. Hamzah, chief executive of MH Consolidated Sdn Bhd, which manages the resort.

    Moreover, a side attraction is a modern-day Orang Asli settlement where, instead of huts, they live in salmon colored brick houses built by the government when their land was taken for development.

    An Eco-sports Park

    “The last time someone wrote about us, the response from fishing enthusiasts was simply overwhelming,” said Mohamed Hassan.

    “When people come here, it is either for fishing, team-building, seminars or school programs. Putrajaya is just down the road from the resort and we get our fair share of government officials coming here for meetings.”

    While the occupancy on weekdays hovers around 50-60 per cent, it is full house on some weekends.

    “We have been around for about eight years and there is so much we want to do to make this resort more popular with both local and foreign tourists.”

    Two months ago, they took over an adjacent orchard and plan to turn it into an eco-sports park for paintball and team-building course as well as bigger campsites.

    “We are setting up the Famisa Eco Sport Park and, if everything goes as planned, we will have the biggest paintball facility in an eco-resort in Selangor,” he said.

    Things To Do

    Government departments often have team-building programs at the resort. Students come here for camping and other activities. The resort is especially popular with fishing buffs. You can have your catch cooked at the resort restaurant. You can also enjoy steamboat and local delicacies, including sup burung wak wak, at the restaurant.

    Astana Dugang Country Resort rooms
    Deluxe Rooms

    The Resort

    astana dugang country resort map
    Direction and Map

    The two-star Astana Dugang Country Resort is located at Lot 11751, Bukit Dugang, Desa Putra, Sungai Merab, 43800 Bangi, Selangor. It has 24 chalets, a hall for 100 people and a large surau.

    Rates: VIP chalet RM90, standard RM80 with an addition of RM10 for two extra persons and RM5 for additional mattress.

    There are packages for corporate employees as well as students from RM40 per student (accommodation and food). Hall rental is from RM400 to RM500 a day while the half day rate (four hours) is RM250.

    For reservations, call 013-2559 571.

    Getting To Astana Dugang Country Resort

    The resort is only seven minutes by car from Putrajaya and 15 minutes from the Bangi/Kajang toll plaza. From KLIA, the journey is 30 minutes.

    Map, Location and Driving Direction to Astana Dugang Country Resort:

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